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Так как я сам являюсь программистом люблю собирать душевные комментарии коллег. Бывают, попадаются такие, что чуть на слезу не пробивают. :D
Представляю вашему вниманию комментарии из исходников Microsoft - все-таки и там есть веселые люди. :)

Windows XP, shlwapi.dll
// Cover me, I'm going to do UI

themeui.dll, Windows XP
resource file (I can't believe I just wrote that)

comctl32.dll, Windows XP
// caller asked to draw no (or negative) pixels; that's easy!
// Early-out this case so other parts of the drawing
// don't get confused.

cmd.exe, Windows XP
// Ugly, but what options do I have? Only to patch existing logic or change syntax.

NTVDM.EXE, Windows NT 3.51
* SoftPC Revision 3.0
* Title : yoda.c
* Description : The Debugger of a Jedi Master
* Author : Obi wan (ben) Kneobi
* Notes : May the force be with you.

CDFS, Windows NT 3.51
// Here is the "M A R K L U C O V S K Y" hack from hell.
// It's here because Mark says he can't avoid sending me double
// backslashes via the Win32 layer.

kernel32.dll, Windows NT 3.51
// then we are out of sync. It is a problem of process structure and
// I don't want to think about it now.
// The funny thing is that we have to assume the environment
// is a block of strings(otherwise, how can we do it?)t, nothing more and
// nothing less. If someday and somebody dares to change it, he will be
// the one to blame.

hypertrm.dll, Windows 2000
This module would do Dr. Frankenstein proud ...

Hypertrm.dll, Windows XP
// Just to let you know, there is no printer.

Hypertrm.dll, Windows XP
* We get here one of two ways. The first and expected
* way is by selecting "Resume" from the menu. This is
* not a problem. the other way is that there is still
* a problem with the menus. Go figure.

Windows XP, hypertrm.dll
//jmh 3/24/97 For future maintainers: there's some
// skulduggery going on here that's worth explaining. When
// you try to open a non-existent file, the name is still
// stored. The code to do a telnet command-line dial
// depends on this. Honest! I didn't write this...

RCDLL.DLL, RC Compiler, Platform SDK версий до 2001 года
//- I'll be the first person to admit that this is an ugly solution, but
//- hey, we're Microsoft :-). 8-2-91 ***** *******.

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  1. r3s3t

    “Отстойно, но какие возможности у меня есть? Только патчить существующий код или менять синтаксис.” - пишет программист из Microsoft. Бедняга…

  2. Titov Anton

    Да… Вот она другая сторона обратной совместимости - приходится поддерживать старый код и старые решения, даже если они ни в какие ворота не лезут.

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