Комментарии из исходников MS-DOS 6.0. Часть 2.

Продолжая тему комментариев из исходников MS-DOS 6.0.

/* ZZZZZ How do I know if we indeed ran out of memory instead
* of just always repainting?

/* Tries to allocate memory for the OutOfMemory dialog box.
* If un-successful, it puts up a CW message saying
* “Out Of Memory” — an ugly box!! and then returns FALSE.
* If succesful allocation, it initializes this chunk of mem
* correctly and returns TRUE

/* sanity check -- can't call OutOfmemory() when already
* processing an Outofmemory() situation. ZZZZZZ Maybe
* I can do a NoMembailOut() call now!
if (fProcessingOutOfMemory)
Beep() ; Beep() ;
return ;

Опять творение предыдущего проблемного чувака
/* ZZZZZZ Hack to get around a CW problem!!! If I do not
* erase this stuff before restoring the graphics, when I pull
* down the menu and ESC to dismiss it, there is an ugly
* repaint problem!
FillRrc(&MainWind, &grrc, ' ', isaBackground) ;
/* ZZZZZ If (glpbSGA == NULL), we cannot use MyRestore...
* as the SaveGraphicsArc didn't get enuf memory to save
* the screen. It is the caller's responsibility to redraw the
* screen?!

/* Use FreeInstBuffers() call to do this. This call was there
* when we were using an early version of CW. scottq had some
* warning next to it saying that it did not work properly
* and that it needed fixing. I don’t want to de-stabilize the
* SHELL attempting to use it now. This is a good thing to do
* when we go to version 5.1 Note that we have a near memory
* allocation stuff in LpwAllocDriverMem and that we cannot
* free our near memory because we use it in a stack form!
OurHackFreeDriverMem() ;

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