Комментарии из исходников MS-DOS 6.0

На днях выбрал немного прикольных комментариев из исходников MS-DOS 6.0.
Разработчики, думаю, вам понравятся. :)

/* BOOL fnEditPath(char *ExistingPath);
* Function will add the szSetupPath to the users
* path statement in the autoexec.bat file. The
* szSetupPath will be the first location in the
* path statement. The path can be in
* about a million fucked up forms depending on
* the level of stupidity in the user. Here are a few to
* think about.
DOS will accept any of these.
* PATH=C:\foo;C:\foobar;…
* SET PATH=C:\foo;C:\foobar;…
* PATH C:\foo;C:\foobar;…
* PATH =C:\foo;C:\foobar;…
* PATH= C:\foo;C:\foobar;…
* PATH = C:\foo;C:\foobar;…
* …

check_for_dangerous_disk_partitions proc near

jc PartitionCheckDone ; BIOS is fucking with us - give up

Тоже мне хакеры :)

/*** hack. to avoid realloc problems we make READ_BUFSIZE
as big as the inf file, thus avoiding any reallocs */
#define READ_BUFSIZE 27000 /* size of inf buffer */
#define TMP_BUFSIZE 1024 /* size of temp reads */

; this is a real ugly place to put this
; it should really go in the bds

; We think this is a ROM — UGLY SPECIAL CASE CODE TIME!

* What PlotBmp Does:
* To reduce flashing on the screen (given that there is no
* srccopy modein BitBlt), we erase the pixels which should
* not be set(black) by blting the complement of the bitmap
* through the background color. Then we blt the actual bitmap
* to the screen. Thus the fewest number of pixels
* *change their color* on the screen.
* This is of course an ugly slimy kludge from the
* nether world since the drivers should support a srccopy mode.

asmutils.asm, compare.asm
; ZZZZZZ Are there bugs with offset calculations?? Is DGROUP
; the right assume for DS? I am unable to access variable
; DoQuickCompare from ‘C’
; The offset is off by 64 bytes!!

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